New Providence Hardware 35th Anniversary


Established 1863



June 12, 2010

New Providence, Iowa.

New Providence Hardware was established in 1863 as a trading center in Hardin County. Even when most of the businesses were destroyed in a fire on December 10, 1910, New Providence Hardware set up shop in its warehouse across the street to provide services for the community.

Tom and Marlene join a long list of proprietors of the Century Business founded by JB Munford, but of the last sixty five years the ownership has been mostly with two families, Bert and Flo McCown, 1946 - 1973 and the McDonalds 1975 to present.

Throughout the years the merchandise mix has changed including gasoline, furniture and appliances, but has always included hardware items and plumbing and heating service when they became a part of the home.

“When most hardware stores and businesses in small towns have
disappeared, we’ve continued to be active because of the support of the community and our valued customers in the area” says Marlene. “We just want to say thank you. Our customers are the best!”

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